Can’t get enough System Andromeda? Here are some of my favorite satellite projects in orbit around my main operations.

Acting & Filmmaking

You could say this was the start of System Andromeda, since I started it with the idea of finding ways to keep myself fed and sheltered while pursuing my acting dreams.

I still act, and these days I am working on other areas of filmmaking as well: cinematography and editing.

Fandom & Pop Culture with Two Best Friends

A fun (and sometimes serious) podcast on fandom, pop culture, and society, starring myself and my best friend.

Don’t mind us.

Just two mostly “hetero lifemates” screaming into the void.

Film Criticism from an Unrepentant Cinephile

I love to talk about movies…like….a lot. So I made a blog to share this obsession with others. I mix obsession with a little performing art theory, film history, story structure, etc. Blend until brain is mush, and commence squee-filled diatribe.

Reader Beware: Massive spoilers ahead

Atypical Images from an Atypical Fish

Tricky Fish is an exploration of light and form from behind the camera. I discovered another facet of my love of all things film when a camera was put in my hand. The camera became an extension of myself, as I sought to create images that depict a kind of mood rather than a particular scene.

Now I play with different types of apps and software to layer images and manipulate them into pieces of art to tease the senses. These will eventually become pieces that will be offered for purchase.

Travel, Tiny Houses & Lifestyle Freedom

Ransomed Roads is the journey of a lifestyle freedom philosophy. I believe one can thrive by following one’s passions, and so I created a blog to chart that journey.

Travel stories, tiny house build talk, theories on how to live a “life less ordinary,” and general wanderlust can all be found here.

Click the link to check it out and follow along!

Multilingual Studies & Linguistic Journeys

Current language of study:


I’ve been studying language in almost any form I could get my hands on for about 30 years: world languages and their language families, the study of dialects and accents, or just studying my own first language.

From acting to teaching Shakespeare, teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to becoming a proofreader and editor, language has shown up in every facet of my life, and it is one of my greatest passions!

Cultural Literacy & Education Project

After the turmoil of Spring 2020 began, I decided to launch a project I’d been wanting to do for some time, focusing on how education relates to the issues in our society and how we can use alternative learning methods to combat them. I am currently putting together a website for it that I hope to launch sometime in 2021. In the meantime, you can check out the backstory and beginning resources here:



Autism Spectrum (AS) & Disability Advocacy

Getting a diagnosis of Asperger’s later in life changed my entire outlook. Suddenly, I understood myself in a way that I never had before, and my lifestyle freedom philosophy became more relevant than ever.

Being Autistic is a breath of fresh air, with daily discoveries and a sense of responsibility to fight alongside my fellow neurodivergent and disabled folks for a better understanding of what it means to be on the Spectrum, disabled, and just different, as well as how we can begin to see the vital place we serve in society.

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